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    Hi everyone, has anyone got any tips for the types of interview questions i’ll get asked at my interview? I’ve been studying the standard types of interview questions but struggling to think of any others, aprt from:

    Why do I want to be a train driver
    What do I know about the job
    Am I a flexible person
    Can I work on my own
    What am I like at concentrating for longer periods.

    Any tips or sample questions would be great.

    Thanks guys.


    Hi Tom,

    Firstly, welcome to our forum! You’ve got some good ones there, but here are some more that you should consider:

    What do you know about [insert TOC] company?
    Can you tell us a time when you’ve worked under pressure?
    Describe a time when you’ve had to communicate important information to a group of people?
    Have you ever had to respond to an emergency situation? Describe how you reacted.

    These are just a few, but hopefully, they’ll help. I recommend thinking of times you’ve demonstrated working under pressure, good customer service, unsupervised and safety focussed.

    Do you have a specific TOC you’re applying to?


    Hi mate, if you’re still looking for advice on what to prepare for heres a few that might help.

    What skills do you have that will be an asset to our team?
    How many people work for this toc?
    Why do you want to work for our company?

    That last one is great for letting them know that you’ve really looked into them. You could mention any positive press they’ve received as well as if they have any future plans coming up.


    Hey, thanks for all these great tips! I don’t think I would of thought to prepare for some of these! Def need to knuckle down to get some good responses prepared. Is the MMI much harder than the structured?


    Hi Ralph

    I think that the MMI is only slightly harder than the structured previously. But I wouldn’t get to worried about it. I think that if you stay calm and relaxed during the MMI then it should be a breeze. You may even find it easier than anything you ever done before.


    MMI is typically more geared towards finding out your motivations for becoming a train driver, what you know about the role, what you know about the TOC, why you want to join that particular TOC.

    This is the interview that you need to make sure you’ve really brushed up on the TOC and show that you know everything about them.


    Great, so its in the structured interview that they’ll ask more questions about my experiences that ive been in working under pressure etc and then MMI is more focused on the role and what I know about the company?


    Yeah mate, for the structured you get a form to fill in where you can show from experience how you’ve handled a situation and they’ll ask you to elaborate on them during the interview.


    Do you have any idea of traits they are looking for in train drivers in the structured interview?


    They’ll definitely want someone who can show they can follow procedures and rules and that can stay calm and focus in stressful/emergency situations.


    Thanks mate, that’s all been very helpful, I think I’ve got a lot of things to practice now!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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