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Annesley Fireman
Chris Ward gives you a taste of what it used to be like in steam days at Annesley shed on the old Great Central main line in Nottinghamshire.

Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen – (ASLEF)
The train drivers’ union. ~ Wikipedia ~

Rail Delivery Group
Umbrella organisation representing the various passenger train operating companies. ~ Wikipedia ~

Automatic Train Protection Transmission & Moving Block Signalling
~ Wikipedia ~

British Signalling – What the Driver Sees
A good explanation of the basics for those new to railways. ~ Wikipedia ~

CIRAS – Confidential Incident Reporting & Analysis System
CIRAS is a method of collecting confidential data from safety critical staff in the railway industry, and produces reports of a type which rarely come to light through the official reporting and investigation procedures of the industry concerned. Issues a quarterly journal.

Department for Transport
Sets out British railway policy and specifies and monitors the passenger franchises. Has a Rail Group. ~ Wikipedia ~

Institute of Railway Operators
Founded to promote professional standards in railway operation.

Office of the Rail Regulator (ORR)
Issues operating licenses, polices access agreements, enforces competition law and protects passenger interests. ~ Wikipedia ~

Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB)
The body responsible for investigating serious accidents on the railway. ~ Wikipedia ~

Rail Safety & Standards Board
The RSSB is a not-for-profit company owned by the railway industry whose role is to provide leadership in the development of the long term safety strategy and policy for the UK railway industry. Includes Railway Group Standards Documents. ~ Wikipedia ~

Railway Technical Pages
An excellent resource, well worth an occasional look to see what’s new.

Signal Box, The
One of the best sites for all matters relating to British railway signalling. Mainly concerned with mechanical signalling, this website looks at the types of signals, block systems, lever frames, explains the rules of signalling. ~ Wikipedia ~

Formerly known as SpadWeb, the website of the Operations Focus Group has broadened its scope to take in all operating matters. On this site you will find descriptions of various operating incidents, some of the reasons why they occur and what the railway industry is doing to prevent them. You will also find illustrations of the safety systems in use on the UK’s railway network, simple explanations of how they work, research documents and links to other related sites

Track Access
This company produces route learning materiel for train drivers and some of it is available online. Industry members can request a user ID and login.

Track Off
This website is operated by The Partners Against Railway Crime a partnership of all companies and organisations within the rail industry established to reduce the high levels of crime on the UK rail network. Update: This website is no longer available.

Tracksafety is the web site of the Track Safety Strategy Group (TSSG) works to improve the safety of people who work on or about the operational railway..

Train Protection & Warning System – TPWS
How it works. ~ Wikipedia ~