Train Driver Careers: The Top 3 Commandments

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

train driver careers will be much easier if you follow the commandments

Train Drivers are a very elite and selective group of people, and the process of joining this group is extremely difficult to achieve. Due to the nature and responsibility of the role, you must be able to exhibit a number of essential core qualities throughout the selection process, in order to be successful. In total, there are 3 central commandments/core qualities that you must follow. In this blog, we’ll show you what these train driver careers commandments are, and give you some top tips on how you can demonstrate them to the assessors!

What do we mean by train driver careers core qualities?

In simple terms, the core qualities refer to the fundamental behavioural aspects that train drivers will need in order to a) gain a position as a train driver b) be successful in the role. These qualities are particularly important when it comes to train driving, as health and safety is such a huge factor. The TOC that you are applying for needs to be certain that you right person for the role.

So, what are the 3 commandments of good train driving? Let’s take a closer look.

Thou Shalt Pay Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is extremely important for train drivers, particularly in regards to health and safety. Train drivers need to be aware of hazards on the track, and must be capable of noticing small and important details. Furthermore, you need to have an extensive knowledge of your route, in order to deliver passengers to their destination. The selection process will test you on your ability to spot key information, in a short space of time. You’ll also be expected to recall times when you have used your attention to detail during the application form questions, and during the interview.

Attributes of a Professional Train Driver

Thou Shalt Care About The Customer

The next quality is customer service. It goes without saying that this is essential, as TOCs could not survive without the customers that they serve. As a train driver, you need to keep customer service and health and safety in mind at all times when driving trains. This extends to behaviour such as making important announcements, opening and closing the doors, and updating/apologising to customers for delays. In order to successfully become a train driver, it is not enough to simply know what good customer service is. You have to demonstrate that you really care about the customers and providing them with the best value for money. You have to demonstrate that you know everything about the role to the best of your ability, and have gone the extra mile to do so. Customer service extends to your ability to do your job to a fantastic standard.

Thou Shalt Concentrate

Along with attention to detail, concentration is one of the key mental aspects that all train drivers need to have. One of the hardest things about the role is the fact that you will be expected to concentrate for such lengthy periods of time. Concentrating as a train driver is not the same as any other job either. It means really concentrating, being completely focused on the track/signals/the cabin to make sure that things are running smoothly. The lives of your passengers could depend on this, so it’s imperative that you are someone who can concentrate fully on the task at hand.

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